About Us

At Animal Rehab Centre, we specialise in providing products to pets who need supportive therapy both in the veterinary hospital and at home.

Our products have been trialled on real patients facing the same circumstances as your pets, and the therapists are in the same assistance situation as you, the owners. Our choices have been made based on real situations and we are sure that you will appreciate the first hand knowledge and recommendation of our Animal Rehabilitation Therapist.

Rebecca Harvey
Rebecca Harvey
Animal Rehabilitation Therapist

Around 15 years in the industry has shown great changes in the complementary care of our pets. Rebecca began veterinary nursing, which provided an insight into surgical techniques by vets, nursing recoveries and observing progression with no further physical therapy. Rebecca learned massage and rehabilitation techniques here in Australia before heading overseas for a Diploma in Animal Physiotherapy. On her return, she opened a private clinic and then settled into working with one of the largest and most forward moving small animal specialist centres in Sydney. Her most regular patients are those after spinal, knee, hip and pelvis injury/surgery, but also extend to shoulders, elbows, dysplasias and neurological disorders. Her favourite patients are the old, arthritic and palliative oncology care squad.